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Sin City - A Dame To Kill For

Cult Movie Soundtrack
Robert Rodriguez and Carl Thiel
Sin City - A Dame To Kill For
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SIN CITY A Dame to Kill For   
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1 - Main Title    -   Robert Rodriguez •
2 - Johnny on the Spot   -   Robert Rodriguez 
3 - Johnny Enters Bar   -   Robert Rodriguez  •
4 - Marv vs Frat Boys   -   Carl Thiel ˆ
5 - Nancy's Kiss of Death   -   Robert Rodriguez •
6 - Joey   -   Carl Thiel
7 - Kadie's   -   Robert Rodriguez +
8 - Ava   -   Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel
9 - Dwight Spies on Ava   -   Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel ˚
10 - Ava in Bed   -   Robert Rodriguez •
11 - Uh Huh   -   Robert Rodriguez, Performed by Marci Madison
12 - Marv & Dwight   -   Carl Thiel ˆ
13 - Ava Seduces Mort   -   Robert Rodriguez •
14 - Mort's Descent   -   Carl Thiel
15 - Sin City Waltz   -   Robert Rodriguez •
16 - The End of Ava   -   Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel
17 - Dr. Kroenig   -   Robert Rodriguez •
18 - Johnny Down & Out   -   Robert Rodriguez •
19 - I'm Lonely   -   Rebecca Rodriguez
20 - Nancy Visits Grave   -   Robert Rodriguez, Carl Thiel
21 - Skin City -   Robert Rodriguez + Performed by STEVEN TYLER
22 - Marv & Nancy Ride   -   Carl Thiel
23 - Marv Attacks   -   Robert Rodriguez, George Oldziey
24 - Roark   -   Carl Thiel ˆ
25 - End Titles   -   Robert Rodriguez

• Additional orchestration by George Oldziey
+ Additional orchestration by Rick Del Castillo
ˆ Includes themes originally composed by Graeme Revell
˚ Includes themes originally composed by John Debney

Produced by Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel
Mixed by Carl Thiel

Mastered by Nick Landis
at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. Austin, TX

LOGO Sin City

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel
including Steven Tyler on "Skin City"

"Sin City- A Dame to Kill For" is the highly anticipated sequel to the
2005 international smash, "Sin City." "Sin City" grossed 74 million dollars
in the U.S. and 158 million dollars worldwide. The new film is directed by
Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and follows the neo-noir crime action that
made "Sin City" a great success.

The film stars Jessica Alba, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke,
Ray Liotta, Josh Brolin, Powers Booth, Rosario Dawson, Stacy Keach, Lady GaGa,
Juno Temple, Crystal McCahill and Eva Green among others.

The CD booklet contains a stunning selection of movie stills and character photos
including the now infamous Eva Green poster image that has been banned by the
Motion Picture Association of America's censors as inappropriate and "too racy."

The soundtrack is produced, composed and performed by Robert Rodriguez and
Carl Thiel with a special Bonus track titled "Skin City" with vocals by Aerosmith's,
Steven Tyler.

Rodríguez has directed many groundbreaking film sagas and box office winners 
that have gone on to cult status beginning with "El Mariachi," "Desperado," "From
Dusk 'Til Dawn
" and the "Spy Kids" movies.

Frank Miller is best known for his dark comic book stories and graphic novels.




This rotten town, it soils everybody"