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You've never heard your favorite music sound this good! 
The clarity is truly exceptional.

Our multichannel 4.0 Quad and 5.1 SurroundSound SACDs reproduce the ultimate sound of a classic recorded performance. Along with our legendary 24K+ series all of our releases of historic and classic music include deluxe packaging and are contained in our unique see-through slip cases.  We only use the original vintage mixes.  Our audio distinction is created by the mastering engineers Steve Hoffman, Stephen Marsh and Kevin Gray  combining their 50 years of expertise to create the best sounding versions of the music ever released.  When they are satisfied with the end result, the final master is shipped directly to the manufacturing plant for etching in "real time" onto the glass surface by laser.  The end result of this unique mastering process is a 23K+ or Super Audio Compact Disc with the warm sound of the original analog master tape combined with a surface free of any type of physical defect making our Hybrid SACDs and our 24K Gold CDs the worldwide industry standard.



Our Vinyl series of 180g Virgin Vinyl 12” LPs features some of the classic recorded concert and studio performances of all time.  These are both single or double-gatefold album packages that include all the details and imagery of the recorded performance.  The titles in the series include albums at both 33 1/3 rpm as well as some released at 45 rpm for the peak in quality of sound.  This highly acclaimed limited series of vinyl recordings truly lives up to our name by offering the ultimate sound experience, absolute Audio Fidelity.

Audio Fidelity, it’s as simple as 1-2-3……our three basic principles

  1. To be associated with classic artists and entertainers;
  2. To keep the integrity of the artist’s original vision intact; and,
  3. To reproduce vintage recordings with the finest quality sound based on our supreme standards of quality control.


To date 2016 has proven to be our most productive year with new titles coming in the SACD and 24 K+ Gold format as well as the 180 + Virgin Vinyl format.  Our future releases guarantee our market position is stronger than ever.   All of our Hybrid Multichannel SACDs, Gold and Vinyl releases will be Numbered Limited Editions.  Our 24K Subscription Club and our Platinum Subscription Club offer our members discounts on our products, early delivery prior to street date, exclusive giveaways on one of a kind test pressings, and many perks you can only get by being a member of one of our clubs.

Our beautifully designed packages are faithful to the original releases, whether reproduced in our universally recognized 24K Gold and SACD packages or the more traditional 12” LP jacket format.

We promise our 24K Gold Club and Platinum Club members that our copyrighted Anti-Corruption, quality controlled, tamper-proof, sequential numbering process guarantees their assigned Limited Edition Number can never be altered - They are one of a kind.


 Marshall BlonsteinPresident, AUDIO FIDELITY

The list of music business executives well known outside the industry could probably fit on the head of a pin. But behind the scenes, where much of the industry’s ground-breaking, trend-setting work gets done, no one can claim a more integral role in that milieu than Marshall Blonstein, founder and president of Audio Fidelity and Morada Music and Morada Vision. 

Blonstein would qualify for the industry notable list even if his reputation was built only on his early career, first as a promotion executive at ABC and Epic Records, then as a principal and co-founder of Ode Records, one of the greatest independent success stories in music business history. With Ode, Blonstein helped foster the success of Carole King’s landmark and timeless “Tapestry” album and Cheech and Chong’s memorable “Big Bambu,” a multi-platinum album that set a new standard for comedy records; and he built two of the biggest cult-film franchises, which still draw loyal audiences today-- “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke.”

That was just the beginning of Blonstein’s career. He then served as President of Island Records, the label that virtually single-handedly broke artists like Steve Winwood and Robert Palmer to a worldwide audience and launched the career of reggae’s noted spiritual spokesman, Bob Marley.

Blonstein was among the first to recognize the value and future of the compact disc and turn that foresight into successful and highly-respected specialty record labels. In 1986, he founded DCC Compact Classics; a company that became the premier audiophile imprint in the marketplace, as well a mainstay in the reissue arena. Blonstein’s foresight let DCC take full advantage of the marriage between digital technology and the massive and colorful back catalog of rock and pop classics.  Among its many major achievements, DCC released titles by The Eagles, The Doors, Elvis Presley, Jethro Tull, The Beach Boys, and Nat King Cole.  In 1999, in conjunction with the Sinatra family, Blonstein created Artanis Records where rare recordings--including “Sinatra ’57 Live in Concert”; and “The Summit,” featuring Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., found a home.  Additionally  at DCC were an impressive collection of entertaining compilations, among them “Music for a Bachelor’s Den,” noteworthy as the very first lounge compilation series; “Divas of Dance”; “Night Moves”; “Rock the First”; and the “Cosmopolitan” and “Omni” musical series in association with Cosmopolitan and Omni magazines. After exiting DCC in 2002, Blonstein joined forces with John Paul DeJoria to establish Morada Music/Audio Fidelity as an imprint from which to explore even newer technologies and opportunities. Chairman and CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems, DeJoria is also the founder of Patron Tequila and sits on the board of the House of Blues.

Audio Fidelity’s audio releases include the Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, The Doors, Jethro Tull, Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, The Pretenders, Yes, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doobie Brothers and Bob Marley, just to name a few.

Blonstein in 2004 established the Tangiers Entertainment imprint for a new line of DVD videos. The initial launch included titles by Mahalia Jackson and the Strawbs. The next titles released were documentaries including “Elvis from the Beginning to the End.”

Tangiers has released DVDs by the legendary comedian Soupy Sales. The company releases highlights and full shows from 160 hit “Soupy Sales Show” television episodes along with the rights to syndicate the program world-wide. Tangiers also holds the rights to merchandise the name and likeness of Soupy Sales and all the classic characters associated with the show.

In 2006  the company released the series “Live from Hurrah’s,”– circa early ‘80’s performances from the New York City New Wave mecca,  featuring popular music artists including the Go-Go’s, Gang of Four, Adam Ant and the Cure. 

Tangiers has released two live concerts by Tim Allen, star of the long-running TV series “Home Improvement,” and the popular “Santa Clause” films. Both concerts – “Men Are Pigs” and “Tim Allen Rewires America” – were issued on a single DVD, with a bonus five-minute animation created by Allen especially for the project.

In 2007, Blonstein and Tangiers joined forces with Hugh Hefner and Playboy to release the legendary “Playboy After Dark” series on DVD.  This was the first time many of these shows had been seen in over 40 years.    Each collection contained 3 DVDs featuring six one-hour shows with artists and guests such as Lenny Bruce, Tony Bennett, Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate, Deep Purple, Ike & Tina Turner, Sammy Davis, Jr., Linda Ronstadt, Sonny & Cher, Marvin Gaye, the Grateful Dead and Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, to name a few. 



John Paul DeJoria 

John Paul DeJoria’s inspirational rags-to-riches success story exemplifies the American Dream. He has struggled against the odds not only to achieve success, but to share his success with others.

After high school and service with honors in the U.S. Navy, John Paul did whatever it took to make ends meet—from selling encyclopedias and working as a janitor to pumping gasoline. He was even homeless at one time, but he didn’t give up and collected bottles to stay afloat. Eventually, John Paul took his talents to several hair care and cosmetic companies before becoming an independent consultant. That’s when he teamed up with his friend Paul Mitchell to launch John Paul Mitchell Systems.

As a businessman, environmentalist and philanthropist, John Paul has donated his time, money and expertise to helping others. John Paul—along with Brad Pitt, Richard Branson and Nelson Mandela—is a patron of Mineseeker, a non-profit organization dedicated to seeking solutions to the worldwide problem of landmines. In 2006, he was appointed Admiral by the Governor of Texas, and he received the Citizen of the Year Dolphin Award from The Malibu Times. John Paul was also honored with the Sustainability Award for his dedication to environmental preservation at Fashion Group International’s 25th annual Night of Stars event and was inducted as a lifetime member into the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans in honor of his journey to overcome humble beginnings to achieve success.

DeJoria is involved in a number of other business ventures. The Patrón Spirits Company he co-founded in 1989 with business partner Martin Crowley sells more than 2 million cases of tequila annually. He was a founding partner of the House of Blues nightclub chain, subsequently sold to Live Nation for $350 million in 2006, and has interests in Pyrat Rum, Ultimat Vodka, Solar Utility, Sun King Solar, Touchstone Natural Gas, Three Star Energy, Diamond Audio, a Harley Davidson dealership, a diamond company (DeJoria), mobile technology developer ROK AMERICAS, the John Paul Pet company, which does hair and personal grooming for animals, and J&D Acquisitions LLC, the parent company for the Larson, Striper, Triumph, Marquis and Carver boat companies formed with Minneapolis-based investor Irwin L. Jacobs.



 Ernie Campagna, G.M., AUDIO FIDELITY

The entertainment industry background of Audio Fidelity’s Ernie Campagna includes careers in the music business, broadcasting, and retailing of home entertainment products. 


The early Boston/Cambridge Folk/Jazz underground was his first stomping ground. He managed acts and produced records for local New England bands. He developed a taste for Rock & Roll and his local music scene connections led him to the  position  of Music Director at WMEX, programming that Boston rock radio station to number one and also producing that city's all-time highest rated radio talk show, the politically explosive, "Jerry Williams Show."


In the mid sixties he began a sixteen-year association with the fledgling A&M Records - "the biggest little label" in record business history. He traveled the country promoting and selling A&M. Eventually he settled in Los Angeles and worked his way to V.P. of Marketing working on campaigns for such legendary acts as Police, Supertramp, Styx, Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, Carpenters, Hoyt Axton, Joan Baez, Cat Stevens, Wes Montgomery, Paul Desmond, Chuck Mangione, Gato Barbieri, and many more. During this period the company had created the biggest selling album of all time with Peter Frampton's, "Comes Alive" double album and at one time A&M Records simultaneously held six of the Billboard Magazine's Top Ten best selling albums with Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass albums.

In the eighties he joined Wherehouse Entertainment (the largest West Coast retailer of home entertainment software) as Vice President of Sales, Advertising and Promotion. As an officer of that company he assisted establishing that 280 store chain's dominance in audio and video sales and developed the burgeoning video and computer game sales and movie rental business. During this period he won national awards for his multi-media retail advertising and marketing promotions.

In the late eighties he was President of the independent label, Voss Records and recorded and distributed the hottest bands from the Los Angeles club scene in addition to developing a successful contemporary and traditional jazz catalog.

Following this period Campagna created The Experience Entertainment Company, Inc. (eXpentco), a diversified music industry entertainment company encompassing the development, manufacture, marketing, sales and distribution of recorded music through a network of subsidiaries, joint ventures, licensees and business and music publishing associations. Then, along with former Warner Music Group and A & M Records executive, Harold Childs, they spun-off SoundBoard Marketing, an accomplished modern media marketing company with a superstar client list and a long history of entertainment business successes.  The division was one of the first marketing and promotion companies to enhance opportunities for music driven by new technologies in their approach to artist development.

Campagna met Marshall Blonstein during the successful period of time that A & M Records distributed the Ode Records label.  He says, “We joined together years later because of our mutual ambitions regarding the opportunities we could offer to quality artists in the independent music label and distribution business as an alternative to the multi-national corporate companies who appeared to be dominating the music business while no longer actively pursuing the artist development these acts needed."  That business opened the door to the marketing of vinyl product, the growth in sales of this traditional configuration morphed into the current audiophile label that now releases the greatest artists and greatest recordings on 180g Virgin Vinyl and 24k Gold compact discs.

Developing the company is an adventure – the music is a passion.

"My aim is to keep the focus always on the music and the artists and the quality of our sound reproduction and packaging - that's what's important to Marshall Blonstein and me and everyone working at the label, that's where we derive our pleasure, that's why we're here, and that's what Audio Fidelity is all about."